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Exceleo Business Consulting Service is a trusted CWS/VMS Staffing Partner for Fortune clients across the globe to provide most Innovative Efficient Global Contingent Workforce Solutions and Payroll Services. At Sage, we combine our expertise in CWS/VMS/VMO staffing with an effective personalized, dedicated service to provide efficient and cost effective services while complying with your Program Regulations, Local Tax and Labor Laws.

Sage Group leverages its proven “Quality-First” Service Delivery Methodology to provide Customized Strategic Workforce Solutions to help clients with Cost-Reduction and optimize Efficiency in meeting their Project Milestones.

Our Contingent Workforce Solutions provide Services for Clients including but not limited to Information Technology, Project Management & Business Analysis, Non-IT, Accounting & Financial, Infrastructure, Desktop Support Specialists, Helpdesk Support, System Administration, QA & Testing, Engineering, Call Center, Human Resources & Procurement, Marketing & Sales, Professional Services, Regulatory & Compliance, and Top-Notch Talent including but not limited to Project Managers, Database Architects, Database Administrators, Network Architects / Engineers, Infrastructure Specialists, Desktop Support Specialists, Helpdesk Support Engineers, System Administrators, Programmers, Product Specialists, Trainers, Testers, Documentation Experts etc.,

MSP / VMS / VMO STAFFING: Quality-First Service Delivery Methodology:-

  • Process Oriented Methodology focused on finding and delivering Top-Notch Global Contingent Workforce
  • Access to Global Top Talent enabling Minimize Response Time, Maximize Quality, Minimize your costs and risk.
  • Stringent Qualification Process to provide Talent with Highest Credentials at Optimal Cost
  • Active and Passive Recruiting for all positions including Niche and Hard-to-Fill roles
  • Dedicated Account Management Team equipped to understand, assess your specific needs and device a customized recruiting process to fulfill your SLA’s
  • Provide end-to-end Service Delivery with 24/7 Sourcing, Recruiting, Onboarding and Offboarding
  • Formulate Internal Key Metrics and SLA’s measured to match or exceed your SLA’s
  • Customized Monthly Metrics Reporting based on your business needs and Quarterly Performance Review to track and monitor results
  • 100% Compliance with your Program Regulations, Local Tax and Labor Laws
  • Diversity Certified Organization focused on meeting your diversity needs and goals.


  • Roll-out a cost- effective Payroll service customized to your needs and reduce your administrative costs and risk at a minimal fee.
  • Customized Payroll schedules based on your program rules and needs.
  • Transition all your identified contractors to Exceleo Business Consulting Service Payroll to reduce your contractor related costs.
  • 100% Compliance to IRS Regulations, Administrative Regulations, Local Tax and Labor Laws.
  • Equipped with General Liability, Workers Compensation and related Insurances to provide safe W-2 Employment and/or Contractor Engagements to reduce your costs and risk.
  • Minimize your hiring turn-around times to enable rapid deployment of your workforce.
  • Pass through Management of Contractors as and when required.
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