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SureSage Approach Methodology


Our Global Delivery Model delivers value for customers via accelerated implementations and reduced costs. We have customer focused on-site and near site consultants who are augmented by an offshore development center.
Our approach leverages Activate and SureSage methodologies and our experience with the rapid rollout to other locations and organizations based on a global design. We propose the introduction of complementary tasks and activities that are needed to support rapid deployment.
The Roadmap to get to desired applications state in order to maximize benefits varies according to different business and IT drivers.In order to support the different starting points there are three main adoption roadmaps.

  • New Implementation
  • System Conversion
  • Landscape transformation

For each of the above scenarios, will go through the 4 phases

  • Prepare: Start with Best Practices by re-using knowledge assets and prebuild content
  • Explore: Moving into pre assembly, rapid prototyping, solution validation workshops and delta backlog.
  • Realize: In this phase iterative delta scope implementation and E2E integration testing
  • Deploy: This is the final phased where the roll out is done

Our Methodology is built on an innovation adoption framework. It defines a new way forward with three strong key elements and principles which are a combination of Best Practices, guided configuration, and optimum methodsto deploy a new dimension application.

Our implementation approach is:

  • Proven through its use at many large-scale implementations
  • Structured to control and manage scope and technical risks
  • Focused on continuous knowledge sharing and transfer
  • Phased Deployment

Our Methodology provides specific toolsets for:

  • Business Process Structure with technical steps
  • Accelerators for your implementation project.
  • Integration information with other cloud solutions
  • Migration documents which help to migrate
  • Graphical representation of business processes.
  • Pre-defined test scripts
  • Testing automation process